Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'd Go Out and Spend His College Savings, If He Had Any College Savings...

Here is my boy, Macky, playing a perfect game of boules. Note the form. The passion. The ball gliding smoothly into the hole. Clearly, I am raising an athletic genius (no thanks, I must confess, to MY side of the gene pool). We also learned this week that Eugenia is a natural card shark, having won her first-ever game of "Go Fish" (against a college-educated adult) with tremendous finesse, savvy, and downright trickery. Luckily, Will also has many valuable life skills, though, let's face it, he could make it in this world simply by sitting around and looking pretty. And isn't that, really, every mother's dream for her child?

Photo: An Vu.


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