Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Gentlelady from California

As I watched Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner introduce incoming Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi at the opening of the 110th Congress just minutes ago, my eyes welled; I've never felt prouder to be an American than I did when watching this historic moment. I especially loved seeing the large number of children in the audience. I don't know which Congressmen and/or Congresswomen brought their kids and grandkids today, but I do know that the presence of those children brought a sense of hope and real-life relevance to the proceedings that somehow bolstered, in some way, my flagging faith in our government.

In her speech, Nancy Pelosi thanked her husband, Paul, and her five children, who supported her, as she said, as she transitioned "from the kitchen to the Congress." In her own words, about her role as first woman Speaker of the House:

"It's historic moment for the Congress; it's a historic moment for the women of America. It is a moment for which we have waited for over 200 years, never losing faith. We waded through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights. But women weren't just waiting, women were working…to achieve the promise of America: that all men and women are created equal.

"For our daughters and our granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling. For our daughters and our granddaughters, now the sky is the limit. Anything is possible for them."


P.S. Also of note: a moving speech by first female Chair of the House Rules Committee, Louise Slaughter. I feel exceedingly proud of the women in our government today.


Blogger Linera Lucas said...

I'm so glad that children were there to witness this historic event! I get all choked up whenever I think about the first female Speaker of the House.

7:59 PM  

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