Friday, January 19, 2007


On the positive side, it's been a stellar week for links. Here are a few new favorites:

I saw this online several years ago and mourned deeply when it disappeared off the site where it had been posted. Great was my rejoicing this week when I discovered it again. It was funny before I had kids. Now, it's just too good for words. From Atom Films: "Millions of children each day are left alone with crayons and paper, the vast majority of whom gleefully animate without loss or injury. There are those precious few, however, who must bear the weight of wax-gone-bad. Three-year-old Aidan may have followed all the rules, but in a moment of carelessness, his own creation will go horribly wrong."

For all those who love musicals. Or potty humor. Or Scrubs. Or any combination of the three.

Warning: this one is spit-Diet-Coke-out-your-nose funny. (I mean that as a good thing.) It's also highly sacreligious It also may be seen as sacreligious. An insightful send-up of the human desire to see images of God/the Sacred when evidence of the sacred is everywhere. Don't watch if you fear being struck by lightning. (Thanks, Kimmo!)


Blogger Kim G. said...

Very funny! The dog one cracked me up - I think I'll be showing it to my co-workers tomorrow (and I work at a church - they'll love it!).

8:50 PM  
Blogger bobbie said...

have you seen mr. deity on youtube yet? there are four parts and they are FUNNY!

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten that I sent you that link!


9:27 AM  

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