Sunday, July 29, 2007

Last Night at the Zoo

Last night, we saw Pink Martini in concert at the Oregon Zoo, with some friends of ours. (Thanks, Liz and Casey, for saving us seats! Traci, we missed you!) I am a huge fan of China Forbes and Thomas Lauderdale and Co., especially the new album, Hey, Eugene! I can't find a video of my favorite new song, "Dosvedanya Mio Bambino," but here's one of my other new favorite, the new album's title track: "Hey, Eugene!"

And here's a great video of the good old Pink Martini standard, "Sympathique." Not new news, but, oh, I do so like the video!


Blogger stephanie said...

hey! Long time no talk! Lolly loves the Pink Martini song "Lily" cause she sings her name to it. :) I hope we can get together before too terribly long.

10:15 PM  

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