Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome Back, Potter

To celebrate the release of the new/last Harry Potter book, I'm posting this video starring Patrick Towne, brilliant actor in his own right and also husband of author/actress Brett Paesel. I had the honor of co-hosting a MotherTalk event last year for the release of Brett's book, Mommies Who Drink. Brett is hilarious, brilliant, savvy, and somebody you not only want to read but want to be friends with. At the end of the night, Pat came by to pick up Brett, and the few of us left talked and laughed until the wee hours. Pat is like the brother or brother-in-law or cousin you wish was in YOUR family, just so would have an excuse to hang out regularly. I love these people.

Anyway, Pat plays a grown-up Harry Potter in this video. It won't make sense to those who didn't watch bad 1970s TV. But for those of us who did . . . well, I think you'll agree that this is dead on. I especially appreciate the Overbearing Laugh Track and the "freeze frame" final shot. Brilliant!


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