Shari MacDonald Strong

Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I Quit Being a Vegetarian

I shamelessly stole this from Dooce. (Thanks, Heather.) This perfectly sums up my feelings about bacon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Living in an Egalitarian Household

As we’re in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Craig is brushing his teeth. When he spits out the toothpaste, he aims it at a mysterious black spot on the sink bowl, left there by the kids. The black spot remains unmoved.

Me: Hahahahaha!

Craig: You liked that?

Me: Yeah, I like how you thought you were helping.

Craig: Just doing my part with the housework.

Me (rolling my eyes and leaving the bathroom): Yes. I know.

Craig (calling after me as he closes the door): Now I’m going to clean the toilet!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Magic 8-Ball Says: "Signs Point to Yes"

Macky: There's only one more year until George Bush isn't president anymore.

Me: That's right.

Macky: Do you think he's mad right now?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What a Coinkydink!

Our family attends a Quaker meeting where two of the members are a husband and wife whose last name is Nail. One morning, the Nails stood up and made an announcement. In the car on the way home, our children were riding in the back (with Will sitting directly behind Craig) while Craig and I made chit-chat.

Craig: I was just thinking about the Nails—

Will: I was just thinking about screws.

New Zen(s): Soul and Objects

Oops. I forgot to post my most recent Zen and the Art of Child Maintenance column at Lit Ma, about my visit with a Sufi.

Also, in this month's Zen, I discuss my attempts to step being ruled by STUFF. Yeah, I know, I know. Good luck with that . . .

Remembering My Roots

I've always appreciated Conan O'Brien, but this takes my love to a whole new level. Way to step it up under pressure, Conan.

I'm having flashbacks of watching "The Mandrell Sisters" with my parents. I wanted to be Louise Mandrell. Yes, I'm that old. And that dorky.