Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This Week's Must-Watch Videos

All three: worth the time, I promise you.

I felt deeply moved by the Obama "Yes, We Can" video:

Then Maria Shriver's speech left me . . . well . . . speechless:

Makes me feel as inspired as if I was living in the 60s!

But this "if McCain gets elected" response to the "Yes, We Can" video utterly undid me:



Anonymous Jennifer Margulis said...

My aunt forwarded the "I Can" video to me, which is how I first saw it. The thing is, I am usually totally sentimental about stuff like that but I didn't find it moving. I found it ... full of hot air (forgive me). I like Obama but I want to see proof that he can be a leader, that he is more than just an eloquent speaker with good ideas. I like his ideas. But how is he in action? I am ready to believe that he can but I haven't seen as much yet.

3:27 PM  
Blogger ShariMacD said...

So interesting, Jennifer! I think what I loved about it was that I can't remember the last time I saw people get behind a candidate in the way they have Obama. What's inspiring to me is how people are responding. I'm glad we have some decent candidates (though I really miss Edwards!), but I'm REALLY glad people are feeling passionate about politics again. Gives me hope.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a principled, exciting, inspiring young candidate than someone perceived as crafty or embittered. I think if we elect an intelligent President (what a change THAT will be) he (or she) will surround themselves with the right people to provide the right answers to the questions. We will see an end to cronyism and political appointees and the beginning of recognition of merit.

Obama doesn't have the Washington experience of Clinton... but he is so very much more likable. And I wouldn't downplay eloquence. After eight years of the Man Who Cannot Speak in Full Sentences, our nation is just soaking up Obama's verbal and emotional richness.

Having said that, what delights me the most is that both Democrats are good candidates. I'm even happy that the Republicans seem to be putting forth their brightest and least right-wing-nut-job man. I think it shows that the nation is tired of being led around by the nose and wants someone with a brain in charge.


7:07 PM  

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