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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Zen: Sky of Blue and Sea of Green

New Zen and the Art of Child Maintenance, in which I revisit my childhood love for "The Yellow Submarine" and talk about my ongoing heartbreak for the orphans of eastern Europe.

BTW: I'm nearing the end of my Zen contract. Only a couple more columns to go! Catch it now, while you can!

This Week's Must-Watch Videos

All three: worth the time, I promise you.

I felt deeply moved by the Obama "Yes, We Can" video:

Then Maria Shriver's speech left me . . . well . . . speechless:

Makes me feel as inspired as if I was living in the 60s!

But this "if McCain gets elected" response to the "Yes, We Can" video utterly undid me:


The Admission of What I've Long Suspected

Last week, Eugenia asked, "What's a Drama Queen?"

Well, um. Yes. It took all my self control not to say, "YOU ARE!" Eugenia is seven-going-on-fourteen. I am, apparently, forty-going-on-three.

In any case, the other night I was trying to get the kids inside and ready for dinner, and she kept arguing with me about every little thing. Finally, in exasperation, I said, "Eugenia, come ON. I don't want to argue about this. Why do you have to make everything so hard?"

Eug glared at me. "I don't have to make everything so hard," she told me, sounding dumbfounded that I was idiotic enough to miss the obvious. "I choose to make everything so hard."

Ah, well. Just so we're clear.

(It took all my self-control not to die laughing.)

Is that kid awesome, or what?! Drives me a little crazy at times, but lordy, how I love her strength!